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Love hurts.

She's sitting here and doesn't know what to do. Whether she should cry, laugh about all or just stare at the wall. She has the feeling that if she would see herself, she'd think what an idiot girl, why don't she get outa here and just do anything she wants?! Why does she cry over a boy?! Isn't it that girl who knew everything better?!

Yes, she was. And now she doesn't know anything. And her boyfriend doesn't either. He just don't understand at all and that drives her wild. If he really wants to spend time with me, he would. He had the chance to. He has time for everyone else, too. But not for me. How could that be?! I don't know.

She doesn't want to cry and she would like to tell anyone but noone would understand and there is nobody to listen. If she told someone, she'd cry. She doesn't want anything of it. She just wants it all to be over.


Love hurts.

12.4.07 22:21


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