oh yes, I'm sure my life was well within its usual frame

the day before you came

I took some pictures

  stranger(s) here.

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He wants to sleep and hears them scream
his eyes hurt and cannot stand the darkness
too sleepy to think about it he gets up
one more night of hatred

There's nothing he can do
he wants to cry
but nobody's gonna hear him
they're somehow lost in their own world,
too far, to care about them.

So go ahead and scream, scream out
all your frustrations
all lost years and wasted times
scream about your love that became hatred

Do they know, they hurt her,
he begins to wonder
and do they know that I still care?
Too many things runnin' through his head

New round and just another fight
Daddy hurt mom and she does cry
"Idiot, how could I marry you
You never loved me and I know that"

So go ahead and scream...

Tell me you loved each other,
how can you hurt her so bad?
And every word you say
makes me wanna die.

Sax - Solo

New kids will be waiting for him
when he comes home
and maybe they're somewhen
Just more important than me.

So go ahead and scream...

Cold water stopped to run over his hands,
he goes to sleep
while daddy leaves
and mommy cries,

she does cry .



Volle Moppe aufn Asphalt

See this girl and see this boy
believe me they fell in love
but actually no-one dared
to make the first step

And sometimes it's too late
ain't no time left, don't wait
Go ahead - don't lose her
you should try it, now or never

Why is it that I'm too shy,
would she ever notice me?
Would she say "yes" if I
Asked her out for a dinner tonight?

Why don't he ask me out?
Well, I'll make the first step
Would ya like to go with me
to that rock concert tonight?

And sometimes ...

Just wanted to buy her flowers
then it all just went too fast
big crash, red lights and pain
a scream that fills the air

And sometimes...

Why the hell does he take so long?
Did he forget me after all?
And she walks up to his house
Where the ambulance passes by




It's you again
somehow expected you
thought you'd enter my room
now that he's gone, too

Some time no see now
almost half a year, I guess
didn't appear here
and now you're back

Tristan now you're back
your kisses taste like melancholy
bitter-sweet and I'm afraid to fall,
scared to fall in love - with you again.

You're only here cuz
I'm all alone again
yeah, we were different
but more than that
a slave of society

Good old friends, right?
Visit me since I was 12
Were caught in your
cold and dead arms

Tristan, now you're back...

They somebody has a soul
when he loves and is loved
hey Tristan, I ain't your girl
stil feel, see, hear him

Emptiness invades me
in the shadows of my doubt
insecure, you're teasin' my soul
forve me into your dark cave
come closer and gasp a cold kiss
- fell again

Hello Tristan, you're really back
caught my soul
brought bitter-sweet mem'ries
of those times
when we were united last time.


Empty piece of paper

An empty piece of paper
ready to be written on
maybe a little painting,
poem, notes or a song.

Nothing special at all
read it if you want to
it just came out of my soul
dedicated to donnou-who

I keep on writing words
comin' out of my mind
this is the better way
there's the real truth to find

What about a melody?
Take the note-paper now
and write down the pain
my heart knows how

I keep on writing words...

Think I've finished now
Lay down the pen
I'm happier now
this comforted me again

Janika F. 11.1.05